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You have three guesses what joggling might be, and the first two don't count. It's (you guessed it, right?) the strange combination of jogging and juggling. While it has only existed in an internationally competitive form since 1980, it is probably safe to venture that joggling has existed about as long as the hobby of juggling, since juggling is one of those hobbies that people are prone to try new things with. Running and juggling at the same time seems pretty tame considering all the folks juggling flaming batons and swords. The World Championship for joggling occurs every year during the juggling festival hosted by the International Jugglers' Association, and there are a host of records associated with the sport in the Guinness Book.

Demolition Derbies

image of uncommon sports

Another interesting event born from the 1950s, demolition derbies are common events at fairs and festivals. The premise is extremely simple: put a brightly colored X or mark on your driver's side door (so people know not to hit you there), drive your car into a dirt or mud arena, and literally clash with other drivers until only one car still functions. For safety's sake, all glass is removed and the majority of interior fixtures are stripped. A big part of the fun is the commonly obnoxious, low-budget paint jobs the cars get before entering the arena (it's really interesting what you can get out of a couple of cans of spray paint). A popular American subculture by the 60's, demolition derbies first went international with their debut in Australia in 1965 and have experienced recent resurgences in popularity.


image of uncommon sports

If the name of the sport sounds particularly exotic, the truth is much simpler. Octopush, also called underwater hockey, is exactly what it sounds like: a form of hockey where contenders push a puck along the bottom of a pool, attempting to maneuver it into a goal at either end. First played in England in 1954, octopush was international in just a few years. Today, World Championships are held every two years and have included up to forty teams from across the world. Notably among unusual sports, underwater hockey is popular enough to have experienced significant political turmoil in its world governing body, causing it to split in 2008 with both parties continuing to host competitions.


image of uncommon sports

You might have seen this sport in passing during the Winter Olympics and wondered what was going on, or maybe you're already an avid follower. Unlike octopush or joggling, which share a governing body with other sports and activities, or demolition derbies, which have no governing body, curling has been around plenty long enough (originating in medieval Scotland) to have its own international governing body today. Similar to shuffleboard (a game you may have only heard about from your grandfather), the object is to slide a smooth granite stone across a sheet of ice into a target zone, with the goal of getting as close to its center as possible. As a result it is sometimes referred to as “chess on ice.” Curling just celebrated its first decade as an Olympic Sport.

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