I Started Going To Pilates Classes In Naples Fl With My Sister

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My sister had taken Pilates classes in Naples FL for a few years, so when she asked me to start going with her this last year, I was quick to say yes. I could see how much Pilates had helped to sculpt my sister’s amazing body, and I also knew how much she loved it. I figured that it would at least be worth it for me to give it a try because my sister loved it and raved about it so much. I asked my sister what type of clothes I needed to wear to my first Pilates class and also what I needed to bring because I wanted to make sure that I was well prepared. She told me that she would bring me all of the items that I would need, and that I should just wear some of my normal workout clothes. I got really excited before my first class, and I was hopeful that I was going to love it just as much as my sister did!

Thankfully I loved the Pilates classes in Naples FL from the very beginning, and I could tell that I was getting an absolutely amazing work out. My sister told me that I was a natural at Pilates as well, and this made me feel really good!

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